P-Trap Sliding System

The P-Trap slidingboom is designed for heavy cargo / lifting vessels, or vessels with a forward bulkhead allowing installation and operation with minimum deck space required. Variable length possible depending on vessel design (length max 7 – 12 m).

Technical Information

The P-Trap is delivered with required technical specifications as well as installation, deployment, operation and retrieval procdures. A detailed risk assessments for system integration is included, as well as, weak link and break test certification.


  • Reduced risk getting boarded
  • Simple hardening hardware
  • Passive non-lethal protection
  • Continuous protection no crew involvement
  •  All weather conditions protected
  • Additional protective barrier
  • Physical: hardening vessel
  • Mental: crew state of mind

Line Selection

Select your preferred line spread for the P-Trap security zone. Click here for more line selection information.


Transportation from the Netherlands in 20 ft container, truck or by airfreight.

Slidingboom SLB-12

The Slidingboom 12 (SLB-12) is a heavy designed modular P-Trap.