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Seatrade Awards

Piracy was the theme of the evening at the 23rd Seatrade Awards Ceremony Dinner, held April 4 at Londons Guildhall. International Maritime Organization (IMO) Secretary-General, Efthimios Mitropoulos chaired the event which honored exceptional contributions made over the last year within the maritime industry.

Trapping Pirates at SMM Hamburg 2012

New technology to deter pirates is a key topic for discussion at this years SMM conference in Hamburg. Westmark BVs patented P-trap anti-boarding device is now providing ship-owners with a non-lethal barrier to harden vessels against pirate attacks. The P-trap will be displayed to the public at the maritime tradeshow SMM, held in Hamburg Germany […]

Technology to take down the pirates

No longer a regional threat, it is time to look at a multi-layered strategy for tackling piracy Source:, written by: Henry Evans Mention piracy and thoughts will typically turn to Somalia and its pirates, who have terrorised the waters of the Gulf of Aden in recent years. Various measures have been taken to combat piracy […]

New strategy to protect fishing vessels in the gulf of Guinea

Multi-layered approach deters criminals and prevents unwanted boarding. Westmark BV, has recently performed a test in which passive non-lethal equipment served in a multi-layered strategy to protect fishing crews from the threat of  robbery at sea. Until now fishing vessels operating in high risk areas have been virtually unprotected. Due to low freeboard, low speed, these vessels […]

Commandeur Michiel Hijmans (Dutch)

Westmark BV, onder andere bekend vanwege de Maritime Security Alliance en meer specifiek om zijn anti piraterij systeem “P-Trap”, maakt met genoegen bekend dat vanaf 1 augustus commandeur (bd) Michiel Hijmans werkzaam is voor het bedrijf. 

Hijmans heeft 36 jaar als zee-officier bij de Koninklijke Marine gediend in diverse disciplines. Zijn laatste operationele taak was […]